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Niels Bohr's Times, In Physics, Philosophy, and Polity

By Abraham Pais

Abraham Pais's lifetime of Albert Einstein used to be one of many most interesting clinical biographies ever written. while it first seemed in 1982, Christian technology Monitor referred to as it "an impressive biography of a unprecedented man," and Timothy Ferris, in The ny instances ebook Review, acknowledged it used to be "the biography of Einstein he himself might have beloved best," including that "it is a piece opposed to which destiny medical biographies should be measured." As a revered physicist himself, Pais was once the 1st biographer to offer Einstein's pondering its complete due, but regardless of the occasional excessive point of technology had to talk about Einstein's principles, the publication used to be a countrywide bestseller. certainly, it used to be certainly one of The big apple Times's most sensible Books of the yr, and the winner of the 1983 American booklet Award for Science.
Now Pais turns to Niels Bohr, to light up the lifestyles and considered one other substantial of 20th-century physics. Bohr used to be the 1st to appreciate how atoms have been prepare, he performed a massive function in shaping the speculation of the atomic nucleus, he decoded the atomic spectrum of hydrogen, an fulfillment which marks him because the founding father of the quantum dynamics of atoms, and his inspiration of complementarity (which presents the philosophical underpinning for quantum thought) qualifies him as one of many 20th century's maximum philosophers. Pais covers all of those achievements with sophistication and readability, yet he additionally finds the numerous different features of the guy. possibly most crucial, he exhibits that Bohr used to be not just a good scientist, but additionally an exceptional nurturer of younger clinical expertise, appearing as father determine extraordinaire for a number of generations of physicists. Bohr's Institute of Theoretical Physics, which he based in Copenhagen and for which he tirelessly raised money, was once the world's best middle for physics throughout the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties, the birthplace of Heisenberg's papers at the uncertainty kin, Dirac's first paper on quantum electrodynamics, and different pivotal works. And Pais unearths besides the private aspect of Bohr, the avid reader and crossword puzzle solver (Bohr enjoyed Icelandic sagas, Goethe and Schiller, Dickens and Mark Twain--while learning in England early in his profession, he more suitable his English by way of examining The Pickwick Papers with a dictionary to 1 side); his relief to Jews and different refugees within the Nineteen Thirties and through the battle; the tragic lack of his son Christian (who died in a crusing twist of fate correct prior to Bohr's eyes); and his makes an attempt in the course of and after the warfare to advertise openness among East and West, assembly with either Roosevelt and Churchill (the former used to be relatively courteous, the latter lectured Bohr like a schoolboy).
Bohr's examine, his educating, his friendships with the key scientists of our time, his relief to refugees, his position as thinker, administrator, and fund raiser, his devotion to technological know-how and to his family--all those traits are illuminated via Pais in a wonderful biography that captures the essence of 1 of the best-loved figures of this century.

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